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Customer Experience
October 13, 2023
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A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Heretto’s New Branding

Today, we proudly unveil Heretto’s new branding, marking a new chapter in our history! This new branding is reflected in our logo, colors, website, and messaging. Each choice was carefully and intentionally made, and for those interested in our makeover, we will give you a “behind the scenes” look into our choices. 

To explain the “why,” it is important to understand the “what”. The Heretto product suite allows our customers to provide exceptional customer experiences with:

  • An intuitive CCMS to streamline and scale internal content operations
  • Unparalleled publishing power through Deploy API
  • A delightful customer-facing Heretto Portal to easily access technical support

These three products equip enterprise organizations to provide excellent customer experience through documentation. 

So, why did we do a rebrand? Simple. Customer experience is in our DNA. We challenged ourselves to provide the best possible customer experience, starting with the first interaction all the way through a lasting partnership. 

Our customers are often tech-forward, global enterprises needing an innovative, polished, and helpful partner. When deciding on our new brand, we used these three attributes as our core pillars. 

Another attribute that guided us is speed. This attribute was inspired by a remarkable Heretto employee who had spent much of their life as an experienced technical writer using Heretto before joining the team. When asked, “What value did Heretto provide you?” she said, “Heretto gave me time back. That time meant I could re-engage with my life.” That was the most impactful answer we could have heard, so speed joined our core brand attributes. 

Our Colors and Imagery

Our previous colors were both bold and fun, two attributes we wanted to maintain, but with more polish and efficiency. The dark blue is a strong but calming presence, coupled with the vibrant and memorable cyan blue. You will often see these colors used to infer speed or acceleration with Heretto. We chose a few secondary colors, like light yellow, to maintain a fun and approachable environment. 

Previous Colors and Imagery
New Colors and Imagery

The New Logo

We decided to evolve from our previous logo after much consideration. We loved the direct inference to structured content with the small, colorful components within the H. Unfortunately, the colors no longer aligned with our core four attributes, so we knew we had to make a shift. We maintained the nod towards structured content components in the Heretto “H” while simplifying the colors and quantity of components. 

The other significant change was adding a slight curve to the H to symbolize “the art of the possible.” In other words, with Heretto (proudly powered by DITA), you can build what you need, how you need it, for whoever needs it. This simplified version of the logo is also sleeker and more refined, lending itself well to our core attributes. 

Previous Logo
New Logo

Bringing it all together

Providing exceptional customer experiences for every stage of the customer journey has been our north star for this rebrand. Where better to bring it to life than our very own website? The Heretto Help Site will follow suit very soon. So what are you waiting for? Go poke around our website to see this new branding come to life!

-The Heretto Team 

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