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Content Governance

Govern Your Content
with Confidence

Growing enterprises have growing content libraries. Without strong content governance, those libraries can quickly become chaotic.

Content governance is the systematic management of information and documentation to ensure consistency, accuracy, and compliance with industry regulations.

The Heretto Difference

Effortless Content Creation

Heretto CCMS serves as your hub for creating, editing, and publishing help and documentation content. It simplifies the content creation process, ensuring uniform quality and adherence to your documentation style guide.

Version Control Made Easy

Track changes and manage multiple versions of your content effortlessly. This feature keeps a clear record and ensures that outdated or inaccurate information doesn't make it to your documentation.

Compliance & Regulation Adherence

Stay compliant with industry regulations and internal documentation standards. Heretto CCMS helps enforce content guidelines and ensures audit trails are available when needed with easily accessible activity logs. 

Enhanced Search and Retrieval

Locate and retrieve documentation and assets effortlessly through powerful search and metadata tagging features. No more scavenger hunting for that elusive document or resource.

Reduce Content Management Costs

Reduce operational costs and boost productivity by eliminating manual content management tasks with customizable workflows in Heretto CCMS.

Data Security

Heretto’s commitment to SOC 2 Type II compliance ensures that our platform has robust security measures in place to protect sensitive data. This is critical for safeguarding not only your organization's content but also the data of your customers and users.

Govern Your Content with Heretto

Heretto CCMS isn't just a tool—it's a strategic asset that equips your organization to manage help content and documentation efficiently, ensure compliance, foster collaboration, and maintain consistency. Elevate your content governance with Heretto CCMS and stay ahead in delivering exceptional content experiences.

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