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Translation Management

Reduce Translation Costs, Increase Audience Reach

In an increasingly interconnected global landscape, reaching diverse audiences in their preferred languages is vital for growth and success. Effective translation management is the linchpin of this endeavor.

Heretto’s Component Content Management System (CCMS) is designed to revolutionize the way you manage translations, making the process seamless and efficient. Discover how Heretto CCMS can empower your organization to break language barriers and unlock new markets with ease.

The Heretto Difference

Intuitive Interface

Heretto CCMS provides a centralized platform for managing all your translation needs, ensuring that all content requiring translation is readily accessible in one place. Heretto CCMS seamlessly integrates with a wide range of translation partners, so you’re able to expand your language needs quickly and easily.

Collaboration & Scale

Collaborate seamlessly with translators, reviewers, and content creators around the world. Whether you have a few translation projects or a multitude of content that needs translation in many languages, Heretto CCMS can scale to meet your growing needs.

Streamlined Translation Workflows

Simplify the translation process by automating workflow tasks, from content extraction to translation and validation, leading to faster turnaround times.

Reduce Costs with Translation Memory

Benefit from built-in translation memory that stores previously translated segments, saving time and drastically reducing costs by reusing approved translations across projects.

Cohesive Localization

Tailor your content for specific markets by efficiently managing the localization process, including cultural adaptation and compliance with regional requirements.

SOC 2 Type II Data Security

Maintain data security and confidentiality with robust, SOC2 compliant security features, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected during translation processes.

Translate Content Easily with Heretto

With Heretto CCMS and our reliable localization partners, your product and technical documentation knows no borders. Heretto CCMS empowers your organization to efficiently manage translations, maintain unwavering consistency across locales, and effortlessly tap into global markets with the click of a button. Say goodbye to language barriers and unlock new horizons with Heretto CCMS.

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