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Creating Structured Content

Streamline Documentation
with Structured Content

Picture this: you're in charge of a software company's user guides, FAQs, and help articles. Without structured content, it's like having stacks of papers with information scattered everywhere. When you need to update a step in a guide, you'd have to track down every instance of that information and update it manually. A real headache, right?

Now, enter structured content – your digital organization hero. It's like having labeled folders for each piece of information. When you update a step in a guide, you do it once in a centralized place, like Heretto CCMS. Thanks to the structured format, the change automatically applies across user manuals, FAQs, and anywhere else that info appears like Heretto Deploy Portal. Say goodbye to documentation scavenger hunts and inconsistent docs – structured content streamlines your management process.

The Heretto Difference

Intuitive Interface

Heretto CCMS provides an entire content ops ecosystem. Authoring, content management, version control, branching, workflow management, publishing, translation management, and much more all in one platform.

Collaboration at Scale

Heretto’s clean and intuitive UI feels like a familiar text editor (think Word or Google Docs). With Heretto, power users and casual contributors alike will be able to work with ease.

Cloud Native

Heretto is a highly secure, SOC 2 Type II certified cloud platform ready to work wherever you are. This simplifies the implementation and configuration process while reducing associated costs.

Componentized Content

Heretto CCMS takes multi-channel publishing to the next level. Publish to any output formats: HTML5, responsive design, print PDF, ePub, JavaHelp, XHTML, and more.

Create Structured Content with Heretto

It's not just about saving time; it's about giving users accurate, consistent help no matter where they look. With the power of structured content in Heretto CCMS, you're free to focus on crafting clear, valuable content, without drowning in the chaos of maintaining and scaling your content.

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