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Jamf + Heretto


Jamf improved content creation efficiency and integration using Heretto, resulting in faster product assembly, scalable publishing of over 9,000 monthly pages, and enhanced customer satisfaction.



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About Jamf

Jamf is a software company that helps organizations manage and secure an Apple experience that end users love and organizations trust. Jamf is the only company in the world that provides a complete management and security solution for an Apple-first environment that is enterprise secure, consumer simple, and protects personal privacy. 


Before Heretto, Jamf used a non-DITA based content repository plus third-party plugins to author content. As a rapidly growing business, Jamf needed a solution to make creating content for its extensive product base easier. 

They faced challenges like:

Jamf's Challenges


After evaluating many vendors, Jamf decided to utilize DITA XML-based Heretto as their solution because it provides:

  • Advanced granular content reuse, which streamlines content production and integration of new content
  • Translation memory to reduce the cost of translating content
  • A collaborative authoring environment for a shortened content production workflow 
  • Multichannel publishing capabilities on both their website, learning hub, and app
  • A user-friendly interface so that as they grow new authors can quickly onboard
  • Semantically enriched structured content that is easy to search 

Their authors weren’t trained in DITA, so they needed a partner to support them through the process. Heretto’s extensive training helped Jamf make their transition to structured content as smooth as possible. 

Jamf took a phased implementation approach, organizing and cleaning up its HTML content and converting it to DITA XML. To ensure a smooth transition to the new system, they converted a large set of core content from HTML, and Heretto taught Jamf writers how to work with their new CCMS and to create and manage topic-based DITA content.


Now, content is authored in Heretto CCMS and published to their website, portal, and app. The solid foundation of a good DITA model, processes, and translation allowed them to incorporate new content faster. It provided the foundation to launch a robust customer content-access experience known as the Jamf Learning Hub.

Here are some of the results Jamf experiences:

Jamf's results with a CCMS

Create great content together

Write, review, translate, and publish all from one system. Heretto is the only ContentOps platform that allows multiple authors to work together at the same time.