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April 13, 2021
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4 Ways Heretto Prevents Content Messes in 2021

In a world of uncertainty, adaptability is key.

There’s nothing like an international pandemic to force fast business model pivots. In the last year, we’ve seen companies’ IT infrastructures pushed to their limit or completely overhauled to manage technological demands. As work becomes increasingly remote, organizations have had to change the way they make, review, store, and deploy their content.

With that in mind, here are four ways Heretto helps clean up and modernize how your organization deals with content and knowledge management.

The Cloud Isn’t the Future Anymore

Whoever’s saying cloud-native content management is the future is a few steps behind pace. It’s the present. Secure and accessible from any location, content management in Heretto isn’t limited to a hard drive.

Everyone responsible for content can access it in one place from any place. From creation to deployment, there’s one platform where everything lives. Every user interaction, workflow, and piece of content are accessible by the whole organization in one place.

All you need is a browser and an internet connection to contribute.

You Need a Single Source of Truth

Sure, the cloud is great, but too many cloud-based systems isolate content between departments that should be sharing. Aka Silos. While having one system isn’t realistic for every company, there’s something to be said for a single-source system for knowledge content.

Multiple departments contribute to the development of product content, but relying on messaging systems and emails for sending and receiving documents doesn’t work.

Heretto’s single-source system is not only cloud-based, but it acts as a single source of truth for all content projects created in it. When three different departments are responsible for creating, editing, reviewing, approving, and deploying a piece of content, Heretto’s system is the one place they all work together.

No more hunting down document versions in inboxes or pestering reviewers for their commentary. Everything’s in its place. And, even better, managing the content development process also stems from this single-source system.

Content Governance & Audit Trails

One of the biggest concerns organizations found themselves facing during the switch from in-person work to remote work was making sure that content development wasn’t disturbed by no longer being within walking distance of colleagues.

Heretto’s customizable workflows ensure that only the people who need to be part of a content development process are a part of it. What’s more, these workflows can include a step for eSignatures And your entire file history is securely stored in an audit history that you can access at any time.

We already talked about single-source systems and cloud-native collaboration, but workflows keep the receipts for exactly who’s done what, when it was done, and at what part in the content process something is at any given time.

Knowledge Management That Empowers Your Employees

All these things together create a knowledge management experience that empowers your employees. They’re the base from which your content gets to your customers. When your employees know where everything is and have no extraneous variables inhibiting content production, their job is that much easier to do.

And you better believe that customers benefit from this. Internal content scrambles project outwards, but so does internal content efficiency.

So, while 2020 may have been a reminder of how little control we have over some things, that lack of control surely doesn’t apply to how we manage our knowledge content.

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