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October 15, 2020
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[VIDEO] How to Use the eSignature Feature in Heretto

See it in action, plan it out, then do it yourself.

The previous article looked at why good workflows matter, why audits are necessary (albeit annoying), and how the eSignature functionality can help remove some audit anxiety. Now we're going to show you how it works, in detail.

Here’s How It Works

To add this feature to your Heretto instance, talk with your Customer Support Manager and they’ll get it added to your instance. Once the eSignature feature is added to your Heretto instance, login and navigate to the dashboard view. From the sidebar menu, click assignments, then click new and we can create a new assignment that uses the eSignature feature. For demonstration purposes, we’ll use a simple example that requires one signature after reviewing a single document. Since I’m using my own files, I’ve put together cocktail instructions on how to make a Negroni. After clicking new, you’ll see a few steps to follow.

  • Assignment Details: Here you’ll be able to write a summary of the assignment, choose a due date, and select whether or not you want to send assignees an email alert of the assignment.
  • Workflow: Here’s where the eSignature option comes into play. In the workflow dropdown menu, choose eSignature. After that, you can select users who must electronically sign the document in order for it to be complete.
  • Files: It’s tough to assign anything to be electronically signed without choosing the actual file(s). Click add topics and navigate to the file or files you want electronically signed.

Once this form is complete, click create. When the assignment is done being built, it will be sent to the assignment inbox of whoever you assigned it to. In this case, I’ve assigned it to myself, so I’ll navigate to my own inbox to finish the task. When I open the assignment, this is the part where an entire review process would usually take place. Since I’m reviewing and signing, I’ll make sure the document provides the correct cocktail making instructions, click mark completed, then it will lead me to the eSignature form. When the form appears, you can leave any necessary comments in the fillable comment box. More importantly, the system sends an eSignature passcode to the person who just signed off on the document.

This passcode is sent to their email address and is valid for 30 minutes. I’ll navigate to my email inbox and copy the passcode and paste it in the E-signature passcode field. Then click the checkbox that confirms the eSignature. Finally, click sign document and you’re done. This generates a few downloadable documents that are saved in the case of an audit down the road. The most important of which is the E-signature details document which holds the user, signature, timestamp, IP address, comments, and file location of the documents in your Heretto instance. This was a simple example, but assignment workflows can be complexly manipulated to serve the compliance needs of any industry.

Let’s kick the uncertainty of audits and compliance to the curb and start by making your documentation review cycle unquestionably airtight.

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