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October 15, 2023
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Heretto Steps Into A New Era With Groundbreaking AI Features and Fresh Rebranding

Today, we’re thrilled to make two major announcements. The first is the beta launch of our highly anticipated generative artificial intelligence (AI) features, marking a pivotal moment in Heretto’s trajectory toward the future of content management. The second marks our new branding and website, symbolizing Heretto's commitment to evolving with technical documentation trends. With these two, Heretto steps into a new era to better support enterprise organizations. 

Heretto's AI features

This landmark event introduces two powerful AI functionalities, Etto, the Heretto Copilot to assist technical writers, and HelpAI to support content consumers. With these new capabilities, both rooted in DITA, the gold standard of structured content, our enterprise customers can save countless hours by letting the AI handle mundane tasks or gain an in-house DITA expert to make structured content more approachable. Authors are now enabled to create content faster and more efficiently while focusing on the creative and strategic process of technical writing rather than mundane tasks. 

HelpAI adds a generative search function to your Heretto portal, making it faster and easier for all users to surface answers and information. Equipped with a confidence score and supported by citations, you can be assured that HelpAI is designed to provide hallucination-free results and will only surface accurate, secure, and helpful information from your portal. 

These two features set the stage for further product advancements and ensure all users who interact with Heretto will have state-of-the-art tools for managing and engaging with content effectively. Security is an integral part of the design for both Etto and HelpAI. They are securely run entirely within Heretto's infrastructure, and no customer data is stored as part of the AI's model or is used to train the models. Customers can be confident that their content is highly secure when using Heretto's AI products. Etto and HelpAI will initially be available to Beta testers and then to all Heretto customers in 2024. 

A brand new look

In concurrence with the AI beta launch, we are also proud to unveil our refreshed brand identity, signaling a new era for Heretto. The rebrand includes a polished color palette, a user-centric website redesign, and a modernized logo. These changes reflect Heretto's commitment to innovation, usability, and staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving content management landscape.

We are excited to share these generative AI features, representing a major leap forward in our ongoing mission to empower our customers to build their most ambitious and impactful knowledge experiences. Combined with our fresh new look, this launch marks the beginning of a transformative chapter for Heretto, and we look forward to helping our users build tomorrow’s content strategy today.

Patrick Bosek, Heretto CEO 

Want to learn more about this exciting new feature update? Check out our Etto Overview or book a demo today.

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