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Medallia + Heretto

Medallia Uses Heretto Deploy Portal To Deliver Dynamic And Personalized Content



Products with Multiple Versions
Content from Acquisitions


Medallia is a leading customer and employee experience management software platform. They needed a single source of truth for their help content across an extensive product line.

Previously, Medallia used multiple disconnected sites to house documentation. Each product had content for public and internal audiences, and content restricted to authenticated users. This led to a challenging user experience for customers and employees when locating documentation.

They wanted to aggregate the publishing of their documentation to one location using federated search.

Medallia expanded its product base through several acquisitions, highlighting the need to use a single tool for documentation across its product line. They identified Heretto as the right solution because they needed to be able to work in one environment and publish in one place.


Heretto set up Medallia with our CCMS and Deploy. Now they have a single, branded portal integrated with Coveo for federated search, and this aggregates content from all available web properties to users searching on Medallia's site.


Customers can log into their help portal from the product the customer uses, enabling multi-factor personalization to give customers exactly the relevant content they need. Medallia has more than 11
different products and can track users via metadata based on the products their user profile is associated with. Medallia also uses peer links to link products with different release schedules, streamlining their documentation process.

Their scalable solution enables them to integrate new acquisitions into the documents team easily. The collaborative work environment in Heretto enables several users to work on a single document simultaneously.

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Write, review, translate, and publish all from one system. Heretto is the only ContentOps platform that allows multiple authors to work together at the same time.