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Healthcare Technology

Omnicell + Heretto

Omnicell Reduces Translation Workload by 62% and Increases Author Efficiency



Reduction in Translation Workload
Saved Annualy


Omnicell is committed to transforming the pharmacy care delivery model to dramatically improve outcomes and lower costs. Omnicell supports more efficient ways to manage medications across all care settings. Omnicell lacked systems and tool cohesion during exponential company growth. Their information development teams were spread across four geographic locations while using different authoring tools and approaches to content creation that weren’t working well. This magnified the need to search for tools that better-supported unity at scale. 

“We were not unified in any way, whatsoever. Our tools were simply not working anymore, and they’re starting to fall apart” -Director of Beta Operations & Information Development at Omnicell

Publishing processes were fragile, tools were breaking, teams were resistant to change, and collaboration suffered because of it. Recognizing these problems, they realized they needed more expertise and resources to solve them alone. 


Omnicell sought to standardize its processes in a structured XML environment. They decided the way to unify was to look for a modern Component Content Management System (CCMS). 

They chose Heretto and addressed the following: 

  • Heretto provided a CCMS with a built-in authoring and reviewing interface with a UI that supports experts, casual contributors, and reviewers in a real-time collaborative editing environment. 
  • Heretto’s structure and adherence to the DITA XML standard provided a single source system with robust search capabilities from which Omnicell could store, manage, reuse, write, review, and publish content. 
  • Heretto provided a solution that fully integrates with Ingeniux's internal and external portal.


Here are the results Omnicell has seen:

  • Cost savings: Using Heretto eliminated the need for contract writers, and separate review and publishing tools, saving them over $92,000 annually. 
  • Translating efficiency: Heretto’s localization manager allowed Omnicell to translate content in pieces rather than forcing them to translate full documents. They save time and cost by incrementally translating only what needs to be translated. Based on initial calculations, Omnicell estimates they’ll reduce their translation workload by 62%. 
  • Real-time collaboration: Omnicell’s Information Development teams collaborate in real-time across geographic locations. The ease of collaboration between remote and virtual team members has been a considerable benefit.

“We’re reaping the benefits, but we believe we are only scratching the surface at this point. We’ve gotten so much, but how much more can we get? It’s exciting!” Bob Meek Director of Beta Operations & Information Development at Omnicell 

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