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Tegile + Heretto

Tegile Scales a Rapid Growth Curve with Heretto



Platform for authoring, reviewing, and publishing
Audit trails for collaboration


As a provider of high-performance storage arrays to airlines and a wide range of other industries, Tegile has a need for speed. Their clients require instant access to high-demand data, and Tegile delivers a unique hybrid of solid-state flash drives and traditional hard disks.

When Tegile first launched, the company didn’t take much time to formally document any of its products or services. As Tegile climbed a rapid growth curve, this model quickly became unsustainable.

Tegile realized they needed to give their customers immediate access to high-quality documentation to take some of the burden off professional services and free their engineering resources to focus on high-value development work. Tegile sought a solution that would meet their needs today and grow with them far into the future.


After an extensive search, Tegile decided that Heretto’s all-in-one DITA system was best suited to the task. Heretto’s cloud-based SaaS product was easy to deploy worldwide without large upfront costs. They also needed an interface designed for non-technical users, with a familiar and intuitive word processing style that does not require extensive training. 

After hiring a documentation manager and putting together a small team of technical writers, Tegile was up and running and released their first documentation set in less than three months.


Tegile’s super-efficient content creation process leverages Heretto’s content management tools from start to finish. 

Key results include:

  • Tegile’s super-efficient content creation process leverages Heretto’s content management tools from start to finish. 
  • The reviewing and editing workflows are streamlined, and all happen in one platform.
  • Subject matter experts and key stakeholders can easily comment and make changes.
  • For compliance purposes, the system creates an audit trail of every step in the collaborative process. 
  • Once documentation is complete, it can be published to print, HTML5, and a context-sensitive online help system.
  • Most writers only need two hours of training, delivered by a coworker, to get up and running with Heretto.

Create great content together

Write, review, translate, and publish all from one system. Heretto is the only ContentOps platform that allows multiple authors to work together at the same time.