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Customer Experience
August 30, 2023
xx min read

The Heretto Guide to Customer Self-Service

Imagine a world where customers can find answers all by themselves without needing to chat with customer service agents.

A world where looking for help guides or product details is as easy as a quick Google search. Where searches are filled in for you, and you don't need an exact match to find what you're looking for. Where you get suggestions for related content. Where virtual helpers and chatbots can answer questions and give advice on their own.

All of this and more is possible when we mix structured content with top-notch technologies to create amazing customer self-service experiences.

In this blog post, we're discussing how managing customer service and support documents with a Component Content Management System can transform your ability to create top-tier customer self-service experiences.

Quick Takeaways

  • Using structured content and a CCMS enhances content consistency, minimizes errors, and improves content discoverability, leading to better customer experiences
  • 88% of customers expect companies to offer an online self-service portal
  • 67% of customers would rather use self-service than talk to a support agent
  • Headless delivery allows content to be displayed anywhere, in any format, offering flexibility and adaptability

Explore the power of a Component Content Management System in delivering consistent, accurate, and easily accessible content for superior customer self-service experiences.

The Rise of Customer Self-Service

In today's world, quick results and easy access to information are the new normal. Customers expect both speedy and convenient solutions, and many prefer to take matters into their own hands. That’s where customer self-service options come in.

Customer self-service gives users the freedom they want, allowing them to solve problems without needing to reach out for help. This approach is quickly becoming the standard way customers interact with organizations. In fact, 88% of customers expect companies to offer an online self-service portal, and 67% would rather use self-service than talk to a support agent.

graph shows that 88% of customers expect brands to have online customer self-service portals

Customer Self-Service and CCMS

Many sectors, like finance, government, and healthcare, have to share complex information with clients or employees. But when different departments handle their own documentation, it can lead to inconsistencies. This vital information can become:

  • Outdated
  • Incorrect
  • Hard to find
  • Difficult to understand

The stakes are high–we're talking about reduced productivity, missed targets, lost customers, compliance breaches, and financial losses.

Avoid Errors and Follow Rules

With a Component Content Management System (CCMS), organizations can offer effective self-service options and deliver accurate, up-to-date, and timely information super quickly. Here’s how:

  • Reduce risk. Outdated or incorrect documentation can expose you to regulatory, financial, and reputational risks. But a good CCMS ensures your content is accurate and up-to-date, keeping your organization safe.
  • Preserve content integrity. With a CCMS, you can keep an audit trail and document history, which boosts accountability and keeps your content accurate.
  • Minimize errors. A CCMS helps organizations flag errors before they're published. Heretto will notify users if a topic or piece of content doesn't follow the rules they've set up in the system, or if it's going to cause errors when publishing.
  • Maintain a single source of truth. A CCMS lets you have a centralized repository and single sourcing, which ensures content consistency. It takes away the headache of managing scattered content and eliminates duplicate content.

Make Content Easy to Find and Use

Whether it's information for customer support or your company's policies and procedures, it's crucial for your content to be easy to find. With a CCMS, your organization can:

  • Boost usability with conditional content. Structured content lets you direct the right content to the right departments, users, regions, levels, and so on. It ensures that people have what they need when they need it.
  • Foster collaboration. Web-based reviews make it easy and intuitive for subject matter experts to review and contribute to detailed content.
  • Improve content discoverability. Structured content comes with rich metadata, which is like a secret weapon for making your documentation super searchable. It also gives your search engine optimization (SEO) performance a big boost.

Keep Customers Coming Back

Heretto helps organizations deliver top-notch help and support to their customers. Here’s what your organization can do with a CCMS:

  • Reach users with ease. With a good CCMS, you can make your content available across the channels and formats your users love the most.
  • Cut down customer support costs. Quality help content that's up-to-date and easy to search not only boosts customer satisfaction, but also speeds up response times and cuts down on customer support calls.
  • Update content faster. A smooth publishing workflow means you can get your content to market faster, even when you have last-minute changes or small updates.

Customer Self-Service and Structured Content

Many organizations are choosing to invest in customer self-service and structured content to enhance their organizational knowledge.

What's structured content, you ask? It's a way of organizing information in a systematic way. Organizations break down their content into smaller, reusable pieces like:

  • Headings
  • Paragraphs
  • Lists
  • Sections

Then, they tag each part with specific labels or metadata that give context to the content. This makes the content easy to categorize, index, and retrieve.

You can think of structured content like building blocks or puzzle pieces. You can put them together and rearrange them to create different types of content. By using consistent labels and tags, you create structure that makes managing and distributing content a breeze.

Structured content also makes it easy for organizations to update and repurpose content across multiple channels. You can piece together relevant materials to create tailored content for different platforms, like:

This kind of flexibility saves time, promotes consistency, and makes for a better customer experience.

The Power of Headless Delivery

Headless delivery is like a restaurant with all-inclusive delivery, no matter the location. In the same way, a headless delivery system can serve up your content to any platform or device, whether it's a mobile app, chatbot, or something else entirely.

The "head" (the front-end layer that determines how and where the content is displayed) is separated from the "body" (the back-end content management system). This means your content can be displayed anywhere, in any format, without any extra work.

head and body of headless API delivery

The benefits of this approach are huge. For one, it makes customer self-service a breeze. Customers can access your content wherever they are, on whatever device they're using, in a way that suits them.

But the biggest advantage of headless delivery is its flexibility and adaptability. In the digital age, things change fast. New platforms and technologies are constantly emerging, and customer expectations are always evolving.

With a headless delivery system, organizations can easily adapt to these changes, as it allows you to quickly:

  • Update your content
  • Add new delivery channels
  • Change how your content is displayed

Headless delivery is a game-changer for customer self-service, offering unprecedented flexibility and adaptability. And in the digital age, that's exactly what you need to stay ahead.

Perfect Your Customer Self-Service Today with Heretto

Effective customer self-service operations allow users to find answers quickly and conveniently. By using a CCMS, organizations can maintain a consistent message, minimize errors, and ensure that content is easy to find and use.

Are you ready to enhance your organization’s customer self-service? Heretto CCMS can make your organization’s help portal efficient and effective. Get started today by booking a demo, or learning more about Heretto.

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