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Customer Experience
April 15, 2021
xx min read

3 Reasons Employee Experience Is Important For Your Content

Good employee experience produces good customer experience. Your content connects the two.

Companies, within all industries, are finally realizing the importance of their employee’s experience. Now, we’re not simply talking about happier employees with a clean workplace (though, those things are important). Rather, we’re talking about the employee’s experience with tools, systems, and content, that they need to do their job well.

Historically, experience was dominated by the “customers first” or “the customers are always right” philosophies that permeated all things CX. But, more recently the evolution of work to begin more seriously considering employee experience marks a welcome change in how organizations conduct business.

With a focus on the human element of an enterprise, we’re better able to grasp the connection between customer experience, employee experience, and how the synergy of those two experiences drives successful business.

Everybody wins.

Many things bridge the gap between those experiences, but your content is among the most formidable connectors. Let’s explore that connection.

Well Made Learning & Training Content Builds Effective Salespeople

Effective learning and training content is crucial to your organization’s goals. The quality of this content will directly impact your sales team’s ability to sell and thereby impact your profitability.

But it goes beyond profitability! The content used to onboard your sales team will also impact their willingness to stay with your organization. Research from Glassdoor found that a good onboarding process improves employee retention by 82%.

It’s hard enough to find good talent, don’t make it harder to keep the talent you find. Provide quality learning and training content for a positive onboarding experience.

When you invest in positive employee experiences with your content, they’re going to be well prepared to deliver those positive experiences to prospects and customers.

Good Reference Content Helps Employees & Customers Alike

Though the main idea of this article is employee experience, customer experience can’t be divorced from the conversation. Especially when content is so pivotal to employee and customer experience together.

Learning and training content is important for employee onboarding and preparing your agents to best communicate the value of your product to interested parties. Reference content is pivotal to informing prospects who’ve converted to customers because it’s their lifeline when they have ongoing product questions. It’s also awesome because, regardless of where people are in the prospect-customer journey, learning content will always be there to answer questions — from the 10-year customer all the way down to the secret shopper.

This self-help learning content has one goal: to quickly give clear answers that are easy to find.

This applies to employees and customers alike. Most times, a customer will look for an answer themselves. Good learning content will save them the time of having to ask customer service personnel a question. Still, there will always be instances where a customer will need help beyond their own efforts.

Your employees might know your product well, but even the most knowledgeable CS agents aren’t all-knowing. This means that self-help learning content needs to be navigable for them too.

This content should be built with the same user experience in mind so that when your employees and customers communicate, they’re on the same playing field as far as finding answers is concerned.

This, however, isn’t to say the content itself should be the exact same.

There are things employees need that customers do not, and vice versa. This requires content personalization, but the way both parties navigate the content should be the same. This way, when looking for answers, they’re both searching in the same places and the employee can see what a customer sees in order to identify if there’s a gap in the content that needs to be filled.

Content For CX Only Is Half-Baked Knowledge Experience

I’m going to be a bit blunt for a moment, but having content that only considers customer experience is hypocritical. Saying that your organization values the experience of people on the outside and not matching that care within your organization isn’t a good look.

For instance, giving your customer multi-faceted search capabilities within your learning content library while giving your employees a 4,000 page PDF to sift through is where the content experience difference between customers and employees will be obvious.

Your employees are the front line for representing your product and organizational goals!

Employee experience is the foundation from which customers will see how much your organization cares about the relationship between people and product. It breeds internal confidence in your mission, belief in product value, and desire to spread the word.

Experience that shines from the inside of your organization out is a level of magnetic that’s as admirable as it is profitable.

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