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Customer Self-Service

Customer self-service is a digital experience where users independently resolve issues, access information, troubleshoot problems, or perform tasks related to a product or service. Customer self-service gives users the freedom they want, allowing them to solve problems without needing to reach out for help. This approach is quickly becoming the standard way customers interact with organizations. 

Customer self-service enhances the efficiency of your customer support efforts by reducing support tickets, freeing up CX employees to focus on solving more complex problems. This digital environment elevates the overall customer experience by placing control in the hands of users. Businesses that utilize customer self-service streamline their support processes and align themselves with the preferences of a tech-savvy audience accustomed to self-directed problem-solving.

An example of customer self-service is a user-friendly help site, or portal,  allowing customers to find answers and troubleshoot issues without direct assistance. 


The Heretto Guide to Customer Self-Service

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