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Multi-Channel Support

Multi-channel support is the dynamic approach of providing customer self-service across various communication channels. This comprehensive strategy ensures a seamless and accessible experience for users, regardless of their preferred mode of interaction. 

Businesses leverage multi-channel support to cater to diverse customer preferences, whether that is a help site or portal, email, chat, social media, or phone. Ensuring each channel displays accurate information is critical to the success of Multi-Channel Support. In order to build a multi-channel support strategy, an organization must have a CCMS or tool that can publish to various channels using an API.

Adopting a centralized knowledge base accessible through multiple channels ensures consistency in information and assistance, enabling businesses to meet the diverse communication preferences of customers.

An example of Multi-Channel Support is a company integrating a centralized knowledge base accessible through various channels like a chatbot, help site, and in-app help, providing consistent information and assistance regardless of the user's preferred communication method.


How Jamf uses Heretto to enable multi-channel publishing

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